Wednesday, 7 December 2016

It was hard frosty all day on Monday, -1C first thing.  Today, Wednesday, it has reached 14C, yes, you did not misread me, that is 14 above zero not 14 below...which I am quite glad about, really, so not complaining.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The birds are enjoying the left-over apples.  Every apple has a peck out of it.

Quite wet at the mo, the bonfire season has got off to a damp start, as is frequently the case in this part of the world.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

I've got a new partner on the Lady Eleanor

Fresh from an appearance in the walled garden at Gibside, she is gracing my humble plot with a touch of class.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Pretty mild, this last couple of days 7C or thereabouts, after a cold few days.  No frosts yet though.

Bonfire time.  Got rid of some of the leylandii trimmings, but there is a lot left.  The conifer branches light up quite easily even though everything is pretty wet.

The winter onions are showing well, I have had to take the netting off because their green leaves were either getting squashed by it or they were growing through and getting entangled..

The garlic is sprouting through now too.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Lots of rain, lots and lots.  The upside is there are plenty of puddles to wash the beetroots in.  The downside is that the bonfire material is very soggy.

Shelled the french beans that I picked when I took the vines down...there's a lot of beans... and the runner beans are yet to go.

...and picked a junior Brussells sprout plant...

...the sprouts were full size though and luscious with pot-roasted brisket and roast vegetables.  Mmmm!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Four barrow loads of manure on the asparagus bed.  I wouldn't normally have the stamina for four trips, but there is a lot of straw in this batch of horse manure which makes it a lot lighter.  It doesn't matter too much that it is not well rotted as it will sit on the bed over winter and lighten the soil for next spring (I hope).

Sowed some sweet clover green manure in an empty bed.

Weeded the courgette bed of perennials, but left the annuals and the remnants of courgette plants. They will die back over winter.

Dug out the sweet corn stalks ready for the end of the bonfire ban next week.

Picked a few pounds of apples from the old tree, they are nice tasting this year, though small.  They always taste better straight off the tree.  I have been stripping off any apple that was blemished as the season has gone on and it has paid off,  now they are ripe, there are only a few with the crusty cracked skins.  I'll have to try and get them a bit bigger next year.
Haven't been to the plot for a week!  I'll be getting a Letter if I don't watch out!

While I was gone my saffron crocuses have popped up

Planted out the last of the winter onions that have been sprouting in the shed.  Every one has rooted eventually.

Still pulling beetroot and picking chrysanthemums.

There some good looking sprouts under the netting, will have to have a closer look soon.  Its a bit of a chore taking the net down, there must be a better way.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Garlic planted (Provence wight)

Picked blackberries, not that many,  I seem to have missed a lot of them.  Never mind, I'm looking forward to blackberry and apple with yoghurt or ice cream.  The apples were some scabby ones off the big tree, they aren't ripe yet so they were sour enough to go well with the overripe blackberries.

Had to rig up some netting over my onion and shallot sets because something (probably birds) had pulled loads of them out and left them scattered all over.