Monday, 20 February 2012

new onions, old onions

Today I bought my new seasons onion sets from my fave stall in the Grainger Market. (1lb of red shallots and only half a pound of turbo onions, I had too many last year.) Coincidentally, I used the last of my onion crop today for vegetable soup. They haven't done too badly, I stored them in the house this year, as last year they got frozen in the garage, and they have kept much better.
I have got some more compost now too, so I can sow some more seeds. I mustn't get too excited, it is still early for this part of the world.

Monday, 13 February 2012

sowed tomato seeds

The days are getting a bit longer now. Spring is just around the corner.  There is going to be a plant sale soon so I have sowed some trays of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.  Some for me, some for sale, but have now run out of compost.

Friday, 3 February 2012

ground still frozen

Bright and bitter cold (-4C) this morning.  Tested the ground today and bent my fork the ground is so hard. No gardening for a while yet. I've got a pulled hamstring anyway.
The red onion seeds I planted in a seed tray in the green house are coming up, little green loops appearing. Despite saying I wouldn't be doing potatoes this year, I bought 5 rooster (bakers) and 5 nadine (salad).  I'm thinking I will grow them in bags.