Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The new weather station is suffering from sunstroke.  It shows a max of 59.1C! I know it has been warm but....
The old thermometer is showing a more believable max 24C and min 6C, which for north-east England in March is sizzling!
Just watering to do at the moment, so I had a clear-out round the back of the hut.  I found, along with lots of dead leaves: 8 seed trays in good condition, about 3 feetsworth of small plant pots, about 20 bigger pots and 4 absolutely huge planters. 3 hanging baskets in various stages of disintegration, 6 washing-up bowls (4 square and 2 round), a very prickly gooseberry bush, several colonies of large snails and (I never thought I would ever say this) one very handsome spotted slug.
My kind next door neighbour has made me a brilliant cold frame (it is just the job! thanks, Steve!) out of some offcuts of scaffolding boards, my two old windows fit just nicely over the top, so the sweet pea pots have gone in there until they are ready to go out.

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