Sunday, 18 March 2012

first spray on apple trees

A nice still day so I gave the apple trees their first spray of anti-fungus.  They've only just this week got leaf buds appearing. Must remember to do it again in two weeks.

Pesky birds have been pulling up my newly planted onions. There are roots on them already.  I have covered them with some fleece, that might hide them from the birds.

Had a bit of a turnout of the shed, now that a good friend has fixed the leaky roof for me, and have discovered loads of cloches, fleece, polythene and netting. Loads of netting, some of which will be a nightmare to sort out. And a couple of rolls of weed control fabric, some unused and some pretty tatty, but they'll all be useful, I can put the tatty stuff around the strawberries.
Seedlings in the greenhouse all coming up nicely, even the cosmos tray that I dropped.

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