Monday, 12 March 2012

Sowed carrots

Sowed parsnips in new bed. A lovely day at the allotment. Forked over some beds to loosen the soil. Two attempts at a fire to burn the clippings.  I'm really not very good at bonfires. Got my first thorn in the thumb of the year. Oh, its so good to be back!

Sowed broad beans (John's specials harvested from last year's crop)in cells, not deep enough I know, but I used the root trainers for the peas. All the wrong way round but I'm not doing them again, I just have to pot the beans on if they grow  too big for their cells.

 Sowed carrots ( amice in planter and chantenay in a growing bag) in back garden.

The sweet pea seedlings that I set going last autumn have galloped away and are looking great.
Found some potatoes left over from last year when I emptied the compost out of the potato growbag. Some were rotten but some looked okay, surprisingly.
Dug up some leeks.  Again, some were no good, the ones that had gone to flower had blown over easily and had very little edible leek left.  But I got 5 decent ones for us to eat.  Leek soup again, mmm. And there are still some left in the ground which might be okay.Seed potatoes, chitting,

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