Monday, 30 April 2012

Pear tree

I got a tree in the post this morning! I had ordered it and then forgotten about it, so it was a lovely surprise! Although I suspect it is a bit too easy to buy things over the internet.

It was a special offer and I didn't know what sort of fruit tree it was going to be until it came and it is a Pear Löffelbirne®. According to the Lubera (the grower and breeder) website it is a Royal pear and the only one you eat with a spoon! Found out from Lubera website: The fruit doesn't ripen on the tree, pick fruit late Sept/early Oct and they are ripe by December.

So I've been surveying the plot for the best place to put it. The tree is in a bucket of water at the moment. I have heard that pear trees don't thrive this far north, but we will give it a go.

Not raining today so far..... And it is up to 11C! Got no higher than 6 or 7C yesterday.

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