Monday, 9 April 2012

sowing seeds

Sowed broad beans direct into the soil (the Sutton) in the bed where the leeks were. Sowed rocket where the kale was and have just thought that perhaps they are too like each other and shouldn't have been using the same soil, is rocket a member of the brassica family? Will have to check that out, although its too late I've done it now.
Beetroot and turnip seedlings showing up under their cloches.
Shallots sprouting, two not doing anything yet.  Lost a few winter onions, but not too many.
Because it was raining, I came home and sowed some flower seeds in the greenhouse, poached eggs, nasturtium empress of India, morning glory, poppy Iceland ballerina mixed. Also some more broad beans (witkiem manita) in paper pots, as John's aren't looking too happy, they've gone brown on the ends of their leaves, which I think could be sun scorch. Sowed purple sprouting broccoli.
We have had quite a bit more rain since the day of snow, and the soil is quite wet now and getting a bit muddy. Never happy eh? The water butts are full again though.
Temperature has been about normal for the time of year, cool days and no frosts.

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