Tuesday, 22 May 2012

runner beans planted

An absolutely gorgeous day today at last!  I might be being a bit hasty, but I've planted my runner and climbing french beans.  I'll just have to hope they will be okay.  The forecast is good for the next few days so that should give them a chance to get established before the next lot of rubbish weather comes along.
The top picture is of the tree paeony I put in front garden the year before last.  It only has one flower, but it is a beauty.
I've moved the courgettes down to the cold frame at the allotment. They were very big and one had a fully opened flower, so I made like a bee with the soft brush and I was amazed at how quickly it responded, the flower wilted and the stem started to fatten within a couple of hours.
Its good to get some space for the tomatoes and peppers.  I threw all the little pepper plants in the compost heap, there were far too many (they were grown for the plant sale at the allotments) and they weren't looking happy after all the cold weather. It has gone on just too long for them.
So now I've got space in the greenhouse for the perennial flower seeds I want to grow.

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  1. I have just sown some Courgette seeds and must remember your brush technique if and when they flower. Take care. Marion