Wednesday, 30 May 2012

First courgette and flowers on the sweet peas

The courgettes planted the other day were so ready that they produced already! I had one dinky one with my dinner last night - first produce of the season (except for rhubarb, of course, which grows whether I do anything to it or not).  I think it was the one I tickled with the soft brush while in the greenhouse, so it works.
Weather still fine but cooler and cloudier in the mornings, which, though I don't like to admit it, is a bit of a relief from the relentless sunshine of the past week.
Dug over the bed where I'm going to plant the sweetcorn, which was hot work in this unaccustomed heat.
Some berries on the old strawberry plants, but none on the new yet.
Am watering the beans and peas every day even when they don't look as if they need it, as I read somewhere that if they are well watered at the beginning they produce better later, so I am walking about half a mile with the watering can before I even start the day.
Only the sweetcorn and the pumpkin to find space for, and maybe some surviving cabbages. (The cabbage seedlings all damped off as usual, but I ignored them for a while and they recovered slightly.  I then re-potted them and they have responded well, and are looking quite healthy, though small.)
Sowed a second batch of beetroot seeds.
Pak Choi is coming up, also the Florence fennel.
The runner beans are growing away nicely, the french beans are a bit less enthusiastic, but are coming on, might get more than 2 beans from them this year.
The warmer weather came just in time for the sweet peas, so they have gone from a bundle of straggly, yellowing leaves, to green and healthy with flowers on already.

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