Sunday, 6 May 2012

sweet potatoes

I'm trying some sweet potatoes this year, so I sent away for 6 slips which came in the post yesterday and potted them up.  Without thinking too much (a failing of mine, not thinking) I put them in the mini-greenhouse which is inside the greenhouse and thought that that would be warm enough for them because I know they are a bit tender.  I didn't know how tender! There was an overnight frost, the water in the birds dish outside was frozen and my poor plants.... they looked so droopy and sad. I thought they were goners so I rushed them onto the kitchen windowsill.
Phew! Luckily, after a few hours in the warm they picked up and apart from looking a bit brown on the edges of the leaves they seem okay.  But I don't know if they are going to survive if they are that tender. I was warned, the instructions that came with them did say keep them in a warm greenhouse or in the house on a windowsill. But I thought I knew better obviously!
So I think when I come to plant them out, I will put them in growing bags in the back garden, and if it seems too cold I can drag the bags into the greenhouse.  That is if it ever begins to warm up at all this year.

The first nice day at the allotment for quite a while, I actually took my coat off!  I planted out the cornflowers and some pea plants.  Put my spare tomato plants into my cold frame and two spare courgette plants went into the shop.

The new tree looks okay, but it has decided to lean on its support post, which I think probably isn't good, not sure why, so I will have to try and straighten it before too long.

I will have to plant some more turnips and beetroot as the ones I planted in March seem too have disappeared.

Planted some more potatoes a friend gave me (Charlotte).

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