Thursday, 7 June 2012

first sweet peas

The temperature went down to 10C last night and it is a cold, windy, damp day today so I've brought the sweet potatoes into the greenhouse.
The tomato plants which have been outside are looking a bit shrivelled, so it looks like it is too cold for them outside, so I'm going to treat the sweet potatoes the same as the tomatoes.  Really, a normal summer in the north-east of England just isn't warm enough; there might be a few hot days but not enough for tender plants to actually produce a crop.
I've put some netting around the courgettes and the pumpkin to protect them from the wind a bit.  I don't want to put fleece or polythene on as they need to be accessible to passing pollinators.
Picked the first bunch of sweet peas, small but beautiful.
Two more very small courgettes for the stir fry.

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