Saturday, 30 June 2012

flowers on the runner beans

Three flowers on the runner beans. Note to self; don't get too excited, there will probably be a snowstorm or a hurricane.

Weeded and strimmed, the soil is too wet for anything else. I did plant out some broccoli which was getting potbound, didn't need to water them in though, just plopped them into the water that was filling the hole as I worked. I covered them with a completely inadequate polythene cloche tunnel, I will get around to some proper protection from pigeons when the plants are a bit bigger.

My cordless strimmer is rubbish, it only last about 5 minutes, maybe 10as long as I don't give it anything too taxing to chew on. The allotments association has a petrol powered one that the plotholders can borrow, but I'm frightened of that one. I don't do motors.

I have put a net tunnel over the courgettes, hoping it will encourage them to keep going.

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