Friday, 22 June 2012

summer solstice

It's around now that there isn't much to do except wait for thing to grow. I have plants ready to go out but nowhere to put them until something else has matured.

I dug up some garlic, hoping to free up some space but MGG tells me that the leaves are brown because of Rust, not because they are starting to die back, so I'll leave the rest to plump up a bit more.

The received wisdom on onions, is to plant seed on the shortest day and don't harvest until after the longest daylight, when the plants start dying back.  That was yesterday,  but I'll give them a bit longer.
(I wonder how they manage at the poles or the equator?)

I thinned out the baby Florence fennel seedlings.  It seemed a shame to throw good plants away so I replanted the thinnings, they might be a bit slower, but it could provide a succession instead of them all coming at once.  That's the theory anyway.
Soil very wet and the growth on the early potatoes that I put in has disappeared.  Presumably this means they have rotted and I suppose I could now use that bed for something else.  Something that likes lots of water, obviously.

Something is working its way along the row of climbing french beans, eating as it goes, leaving stalks sticking out of the ground.  Have put slug pellets down, but whatever it is seems undeterred.  I don't like using pesticides much, but there comes a time when nothing else will do.

One strawberry has turned a little bit rosy, but the rest will be a while yet.


  1. Hi Anne, really like your blog!

    Same thing happened to our garlic, it got that "rust" on it! This is our first proper year on the allotment, so even though our garlic was all tiny, still exciting!

    We're on Nunsmoor allotments, so I'll be watching your blog with interest to see when things are harvested etc! We've got a couple of strawbs coming through, but still green...

    I've started a blog to keep track of what we've done. If you're interested, it's at

    Best wishes,


  2. Harvesting onions in June?

    We grow our onions from sets rather than seeds and don't harvest until August.

    I would think December is gfar too cold and early for sowing seed too The RHS advocate sowing late Feb to early April

  3. Hey, if it is good enough for Monty Don to dig up his garlic, its good enough for me! I dug up some of the autumn planted onions because they had obviously stopped making any growth as their tops had rotted and turned over, and nearly all had grown a flower spike. I usually start using them early as they don't store well.