Tuesday, 12 June 2012


A nicer day at last, after a week of cool rainyness, it was actually quite pleasant to spend time weeding, and doing little things like making sure the peas were hanging on, and the runner beans were coiling around the cane like they ought.
Put some nettles in a bucket to make nettle tea. My fingers are still vibrating from the stings I always get no matter how careful I am.  I would have chopped them up but my shears are so blunt it just gave the nettles a nasty chew, so I have brought them (the shears) home to give them a sharpen and oil.
The beans, peas and onions like all the wet there has been, but I think my potatoes are a write-off for this year, they were under water for a day or two and that's not good.  I wonder if they are worth the effort as they are so cheap in the shops and I'm no connoisseur to be able to tell the difference in taste between freshly dug or shop bought.  The best potatoes seem to be grown in bags or boxes in compost, but that is quite an expensive way of doing it.
Weeded the strawberry beds and the berries are still pretty green.  This time last year I was picking them, mind you, that was earlier than usual.
All my autumn planted onions have grown a flower stalk.  Something to do with the uneven temperatures we have been having.

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