Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Every year I say that I won't let the weeds get out of control, but it just needs a few days of not being on the plot and there they go again.... The rain of April and May have really brought them on, I've dug up some enormous buttercups. The plants are looking good too although they could do with a bit more sun.

Lost one of the courgette plants. It wasn't looking happy so I lifted the leaves to have a look and and it just came away in my hand, attached to its roots by a single strand. So whether it was the cold and constant rain rotting the stem or whether something has chewed it, I don't know. My guess is the cold and wet has got to it as the other two look a bit sick also, as if they might go the same way. Just as well I am not dependent on the allotment for our food supply; you can afford to be philosophical about it when you have a shop just around the corner. (And some money to buy stuff, of course!)

Planted out some purple sprouting broccoli, some cabbage(hispi) , and some lovely celeriac plants got from MGG (my garden guru). I put the rest of the brassica seedlings on the compost heap as they were pretty puny.

There are lots of seedlings growing in the flower patch near the gate, but not yet big enough to tell friend from foe. WE NEED MORE SUN!!!

There plenty of little apples developing. Another plot-holder is telling me that the fruit yield is very poor so far this year. Just no fruit developing, sounds like a pollination problem. My trees might be benefitting from being next to a couple of beehives.

My little pear tree has put some more leaves on and is looking healthy, no fruit as yet of course, it is very slender.

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