Saturday, 7 July 2012


As if it wasn't depressing enough being flooded by the weather, somebody stole some of the taps overnight, leaving water running (which we have to pay for) making the path a sylvan stream.

The apple trees that have some fruit on, the apples have gone mouldy, and one tree has no fruit on at all,that I can see

On the upside, I picked some more strawberries and some gooseberries.  The gooseberries were so sweet quite a few of them didn't make it home.

But there seems to be something wrong with a lot of the strawberries on the old and more overgrown bed.  They have this cracking or tunnelling, looks like a mosaic.  It must be to do with the damp conditions, which are worse on the old bed.  I hope it isn't a virus.

A lot of my autumn planted onion tops have rotted to stumps so (regardless of the RHS  recommendations!)I have dug them up to save and use as soon as I can.  I can see lots of onion soup coming up on the menu in future.

All in all a bit depressing. I'm reconsidering my future in allotment gardening.


  1. Ugh, that all sounds rubbish. People nicking stuff off allotments is pretty low. I can see a use for restorative justice here; they should be made to dig and weed the affected plots for a full season! Hope you don't pack in, it has been unusually awful weather this year.

  2. Thanks Lee for the sympathy, I'm pretty upset over the state of the garden. I could put up with bad weather if the crops were good, but they are the worst ever. Mind, I've only been going 5 years.