Monday, 23 July 2012

Autumn potatoes planted

Blossom End Rot on tom Roma

The Morning Glory are flowering at last!

 Pity we have to go outside to see the flowers properly. I can't turn the plant around to face the inside because it is so entwined with everything else.

Lovely day for allotmenteering, its a bit breezy so went to check the bean canes were still secure, and they were.
I planted up the Charlotte potatoes in their bags.

Pulled out the peas and sweet peas, and picked a few more strawberries, but I think that's the last for this year. But there is a upside to the peas dying, the twiggy sticks I used to support them when they were little, have taken root and now I have about five potentilla plants to sell in the trading hut next year. It hasn't all been bad.

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