Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gateshead Summer Show

Went to Gateshead Summer Show yesterday and there seemed to be lots of gaps in entries of both the veg and the flowers.  There were hardly any onions on show, although it is early for the maincrop, and I think most of the winter onions must've bolted and not good enough for showing. Not many potatoes either.  The sweet peas that were there were as beautiful as usual, but lots of space on either sides where more entries were obviously expected but didn't materialise.

In the greenhouse, I tasted one of the costoluto fiorentino tomatoes and it was very nice and sweet.  The skin was a bit tough, but then all my home grown ones seem to have tougher skins than shop-bought ones.  Something to do with slow ripening I'm told, don't know whether that's true. They make up for it with better flavour.
The Roma tomato seems to be more prone to blossom-end rot, three from that plant so far.
I'm picking 5 or 6 a day from the Garden Pearl tomato, and some more sunny days would speed that up.

Lots of flowers but very few beans on the runners at the allotment but quite a few on the beans in the back garden.

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