Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Harvested garlic

The plot is drying a bit more now, but I tried hoeing around the leeks and everything just stuck to the hoe.

The garlic is browner than ever, they have rust from top to bottom, so I have dug them up.

There is rather a lot. They will keep the whole family going for a few months.

This is the nettle tea I made a couple of weeks ago. Cor! Dunarf smell!
 I might try some on the sweet peas which are looking very yellow. The dilution is 1 part nettle gunk to 10 parts water, I think. ( I can't remember where I read about it, to check.)

There is lots of blossom on the thornless blackberry, but it seems to be a poor year for pollinating insects. But there several beehives on neighbouring plots so I should be okay.

Picked about three pounds of strawberries, but they aren't a patch on last years. The heavy rain and slugs have combined to lower the quality, and I had to throw about half a pound on the compost heap.

Still nice though, once sorted and washed.

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  1. Strawbs look great. Pretty amazed they've ripened like that despite the lack of sun! The few we've got on our fledgling plants are still pretty green.