Thursday, 12 July 2012

I picked some more strawberries but they were poor, so I have cut them up and am making jam in the breadmaker again.  It is really good (so far) for making small quantities, which suits us perfectly as we are quite slow in getting through a full size jar of jam.

It has been a dry day with some sun, so I thought the allotment might have dried a bit but it is still under water from one end to the other.  It doesn't appear waterlogged, until you step on it and your boot just sinks in with a squelch, but where the patio is is under an inch or so of water.

A few weeks back, I planted two clematis near the patio, to grow through the hedge, but they have disappeared under the water, without a trace.

I am casting envious eyes on the plot over the back of mine, which isn't being cultivated and doesn't seem to be as wet.  It is very weedy because it hasn't been cultivated all season, would it be worth the extra work, if I could do a swop? I ask myself.


  1. Sorry to hear that you're so waterlogged Anne. It must be pretty soul-destroying to turn up on the plot and find it so sodden. Do the plots on moorside usually get waterlogged during the winter or is this the worst you've ever seen it?

  2. Lee,I don't know whether you noticed but it isn't winter, just feels like it! some winters worse than others but mine seems to flood most years, but I've only had this plot for three years so I haven't got much to go on. Mine isn't the worst plot either, and some don't seem to flood at all. The drainage on the moor was changed a few years ago and some people reckon it has been worse since then.