Monday, 9 July 2012


I gritted my teeth, put on my mac and went weeding in the rain. The leeks were getting overwhelmed by weeds because they are still quite small. But they don't seem to have been affected much by the rain and are one of the few things that are looking good. They are pretty tough but how long they will tolerate standing in water, I don't know.

The incessant rain is turning the onions and garlic that I have lifted into a soggy mess, so I piled them all into the wheelbarrow and took them home. I've rigged up a drying frame with various ladders and bits of wood (I knew those oddments would come in useful sometime), in the garage. I will have to remember to keep turning them every day.

Planted 3 Russian red kale plants given me from someone who had spares.  I put them where the pak choi was, I've given up with that because two sowings have been eaten by something.  The kale might be tough and well grown enough to withstand attack.

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