Friday, 20 July 2012

first tomatoes

The plot is drying nicely, we even had some more sun today.  But sadly, the things that are dead or dying, peas, sweet peas, potatoes, courgettes, pumpkin, are still dead or dying, so the allotment has a few gaps, which is unusual for this time of year. 
shallots and red onions

I've taken up the shallots and the rest of the winter onions.  The tops of the better ones had turned over, but most of the onions and all of the shallots just had no top leaves left and only a flower stalk sticking up.  I don't know what happened to the leaves, whether they have been eaten or just rotted I can't tell.  My guess is that they rotted, snail or slug damage would have been patchier, I think.

Picked some more strawberries, but they are only fit for puree, which, after all, is nice with ice cream.

I have bought some Charlotte potatoes and I am going to grow them in bags.  I can drag them out of the wet if the garden looks like being inundated again. They are autumn cropping because I guess that vegetables are going to be expensive this year.  Mind you, it is probably no cheaper by the time the seed potatoes, compost and bags have been bought, but it is more fun!?

News from the greenhouse

First ripe tomatoes, the little Garden Pearl is generally trouble free and reliable. 
The Costoluto Fiorentino have a way to go,

as does the Roma,
and the Bambino is miles off, hasn't even set fruit yet.  But it was a late starter.

The clubroot resistant brassicas are unfortunately not snail resistant 
sweet potatoes

carrots are taking a while to get going

But out in the back garden, the pansies and nasturtiums are looking cheerful

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  1. I will try Garden Pearl next year. We decided not to grow any Tomatoes this year as they always get blight here in Sussex. Marion