Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Allotment Show next Saturday

I've been inspecting my onions with a view to putting an entry in the Moorside Allotment Association Autumn Flower & Produce Show which is next Saturday the 1st September.  I'm looking at the show categories and am pushed to find one which I could enter. I could put some onions in, there has to be 3 onions the same, unblemished, equal degrees of brownth on the skins, tops tied with raffia or string.  Unfortunately, the only matched three I have are quite small and probably not winners.  But I might put them in anyway, after all its the taking part, not the winning that counts.  I have some beetroot too which might scrub up nicely, but it is difficult to be sure as they are still in the ground with only their shoulders showing.
I've got runner beans but not 6 the same, ditto tomatoes.  We keep eating them instead.
I could put in a pepper and a chilli, but I'm not sure if they have to be red or if green ones are acceptable.  I think I need to research this more thoroughly and I have left it a bit late, entries have to be in by Friday afternoon.
I could do a funny face out of fruit/veg or flower, but you have to be under five to qualify.
Or maybe a photo of the allotments, I should have plenty of those just from this blog.


  1. Good luck if you do enter! Is it open to the public (to view) or just moorsiders? Would be tempted to pop along.

  2. Yes open to all, mind you might have to buy raffle tickets!
    Gates open 12.30 till 4.00. I'll be on the plant stall, pop by and say hello. You can even go and see my miserable garden, well, it doesn't look too bad really.