Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No go for the show

I inspected the onions and unfortunately they have come up lacking that uniformity and polish required for a show onion. (It was nothing to do with the stupid string that kept sliding off!) No two were the same and on close inspection some of them were even going mouldy, so it was just as well I had had a good look at them.  They are perfectly good for use in the kitchen, but like their mother, not showy.

I made some jam with the idea of putting some in the show but no, even that effort came to naught.  The rhubarb at the allotment has had a hard summer and didn't cook down very well.  It tastes absolutely gorgeous, but it has chewy bits of fibrous skin, which, while probably good for the digestion, is perhaps not part of the brief for a perfect jam.  So that's out.

I have yet to polish the beetroot, and some excellent looking golden turnips which I had forgotten about, but I have the feeling that they will suffer similarly.

Weeded and tidied the strawberry plots, cut back the old leaves and thinned out the old bed to let in light and air.

BUT, but, but...  I did find a cucumber!  That was a surprise! It has quite cheered me up.

And the bees were loving the nasturtiums.  There are 3 or 4 buzzing in and out of the flowers, but the camera hasn't picked them up.

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