Wednesday, 15 August 2012

leeks flowering already

I noticed that some of my this year's leeks have grown a flower spike already, and they are only the thickness of a pencil. So I have nipped off the flower heads and hope that they might not notice.

Picked some rasps and blackberries, so with the redcurrants and strawberries I have in the freezer, a perfect combination for summer pudding.


  1. Is that unusual? I'll have to keep an eye on ours. No seeds yet, but they are getting a bit of rust. I'm thinking I planted them too close together.

  2. I can't remember it happening so early. Mostly my leeks have been a lot bigger when they've flowered. They don't like sudden warm spells apparently. Maybe I put them in too early.
    Don't know what causes rust, my broad beans were affected this year.