Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Picked some more broad beans, about 8 strawberries, and wonders! I found some potatoes!  Only five edible ones, some others small pea-sized and some perforated by slugs, but it is five more than I thought I had.  And a turnip (golden ball)

The garden is starting to look more normal, now that we have had some sun and the rain has been occasional rather than constant.  The only abnormal thing is the unplanted open spaces.  I think some green manure might be the best thing. I have some phacelia seed, some rye grass and some field beans, they are a couple of years old but I suppose they will still work.

The sweetcorn is still growing, but not very tall.  They have developed tassels but are only at the most two feet high.

Hardly any runner beans so far.

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