Monday, 13 August 2012


Planted outdoor cucumbers out into the new raised bed, where the shallots were.  I'm a bit scared to put plants out at all, I seem to be the kiss of death on my garden at the moment.

The phacelia seeds have germinated. There is a green coverlet on that bed. The Charlotte potatoes in bags are sprouting away nicely and I have topped them up right to the top of the bags.

I've got some cobs on the sweet corn, but the plants are still quite small only a couple of feet high, but they've got tassels and cobs just like they should.

Some flowers have grown on the wild flower patch, up till now its been dock and speedwell with the odd buttercup and dandelion.  I'm not sure what they are, some poppies and a trumpet shaped flower which might be an annual convolvulus, which I germinated some seeds of, but can't remember where I put them.

The runner beans are starting to produce now, I even had enough to give away.

Dug up some more potatoes, I got a 3inch pot full from 2 plants.  Cooking them is tricky, one minute too long and they burst out of their skins and turn to mash.

The spinach plants I put in a few weeks ago aren't looking like spinach at all, the leaves are small and it looks as if a flower is forming at the top of the single stem. In fact, it looks more like the phlox I've been attempting to grow. I've never grown true spinach before, its always been spinach beet, but I gather it is quite prone to bolting, which I think is what is happening.

The psb is looking healthy, surprise, surprise.

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