Thursday, 20 September 2012

compost heaps

Continuing the tidy up with the wood chippings yesterday, I renewed the surface of the area in front of the compost heaps, and as one job leads on to another, I combined my two compost heaps into one monster heap.  Unfortunately I forgot to incorporate my pig muck.  So that means I will have to do it again. And its hard labour shifting forkfuls of heavy, wet, half decomposed organic material.  My shoulder has been telling me about it all today.

Have I mentioned the pig muck?  I can't remember whether I wrote about it, but I heard tell that a lady in our street had some bags of pig muck that she wanted rid of.  It sounded like a good thing, and even though I had no idea what to do with it, I very nobly volunteered to take it off her hands. Two trips to the allotment with the wheelbarrow got it on the plot and into a disused compost bin, while I considered what to do with it. It seems to consist of large lumps of poo (pigs or otherwise), mixed with wood shavings, presumably bedding, and, surprisingly, not that smelly. Taking advice from the forum on, I decided that the safest way to use it would be to mix it with the compost. Well that was what I intended to do, but....

The autumn rasps are coming good at last.  I picked a punnetful of unblemished fruit and they were delish with ice cream.

I don't know if it is just this year but a lot of the earlier fruit had little maggots in, the same with the blackberries.  Apparently it is raspberry beetle and seems to be quite bad this year, one or two other plotholders on the site have remarked on it.

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