Monday, 10 September 2012

new camellia

The new camellia that I got last year to replace the one that died in the long freeze of 2010, is not looking happy.  Its new leaves grown this summer have gone all yellow mottled.

I did a soil test (which reminds me that my tester that I got for Christmas has gone missing from the shed along with a pair of secateurs)and the ph is about 8 when it should be about 6 for camellias.  The compost in the pot was ericaceous and I fed it with a proper camellia feed, so its not that. The only thing I can think of is that the dust on the gravel I layered on the top of the compost might be limestone.  So I have re-potted it with fresh ericaceous compost, fresh feed and I washed the gravel.

I have since been advised that it could be the gravel itself which is limestone, so I suppose I should take it off asap.

Its pouring outside so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Now I'm getting handy with the soil testing kit, I tested the gravel and its dust, the gravel was ph neutral and the dust was alkaline, so I might have been right in the first place.  I tried putting vinegar on the gravel too, apparently if it fizzes it is limey - it didn't fizz.  So I left the gravel on the pot, it seems okay.

See if it improves.

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