Saturday, 1 September 2012

Show day

Well, it was a great day, it didn't rain and it wasn't freezing cold!  Lots of people came and looked at the flowers and vegetables, had their faces painted, bought plants, bought cupcakes and cups of tea.  I had an excellent sausage sandwich and two, yes, two cupcakes and a piece of delicious carrot cake.  That's my calorie allowance for the day blown to smithereens.

And to top it all, I won a first place for my sweet pepper!

I also won second places for the turnip and the photograph, which was this one:

And third places for the carrots and the cayenne pepper. Everybody was very kind about the baby beetroots and agreed that though they were well matched and very cute, the others were just about twice the size, so that was fair enough. The jam was quietly forgotten, but I know its lovely and I get to eat it, so that is fair enough too.


  1. Good work and congrats! Shame we never made it down, but had a lot on that day. Will defo head to one of Moorside's open days at some point to say hello/ get advice on growing sweet peppers!

  2. Well I wouldn't bother asking me for advice! There was only one other entry in the class! ;)
    Does Nunsmoor have a show?

  3. A well deserved prize after all of your hard work. i feel so happy for you. Marion