Tuesday, 11 September 2012

winter onions planted

The last few days I have been digging over a very weedy patch, mostly creeping buttercup, and plantain, which I gather, indicates badly drained clay soil.  Well! there's a surprise!  I have mounded up the beds to leave a ditch in between, hopefully taking the planting surface above the winter/spring water table. I added some Blood, Fish and Bone and some organic chicken manure and I have planted my winter onion sets.  I covered the beds with fleece to keep the birds off.

raised bed

I picked some of the corn cobs in the distance,  I would've taken some pictures, but we've eaten them.  They were very nice and sweet.  Small cobs, pale cream rather than the traditional yellow, about half the size of a shop bought one, but then the plants were only about half size too. Better pollination than last year's, the kernels were more regularly arranged. I will get pix of the next ones to be picked.

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