Wednesday, 10 October 2012

what better thing to do on a lovely day

Another lovely day in sunny Newcastle!  More messing about with planks and paths, those old bottles have been really useful. I'm not making raised beds, I just want to define the edges of the beds a bit better, so hopefully I can keep control of the weeds.
It is starting to take shape.  I will buy some more landscape fabric when the hut is open again and put strips down on the paths.  I will put the strips of artificial grass down on top, but first I have to weed it.
You wouldn't think you would have to weed artificial grass would you? Otherwise what's the point of it, but you do.  The weeds grow almost as happily in that as in the soil.  I thought I would just lift the strips off the ground and the weeds would come out, but no, they stick firmly rooted into the weave of the plastic grass, and have to be picked out one by one.  I've spread them on the path for the time being, hoping the weeds will die back and come out easier.  I suppose I should be grateful they aren't artificial weeds and they will die back eventually.
 Rootled in the potato growbags and found some perfect new potatoes!
 I just took enough for today's dinner and left the rest (hopefully there is a "rest") in the compost for later.  They should be okay as long as there is no really hard frosts.
 I forked over the two newly formed beds and sowed some vetch and winter tares seed that I had left over from 2009.  I don't know if it will germinate at this late date, but we'll see.  It'll probably wait until spring when I don't want it. Although, if it does come up in the spring I will just leave those beds till last to plant something in. The green stuff is nasturtium which will die back into the soil.

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