Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cutting back time

I've been messing about with planks of wood and trying to arrange the top end of the garden into some sort of order. I tend to be a straight line sort of person and its been irritating me that I've ended up with plants splattered all over the place. So I have made paths and beds, just roughly, and of course it has turned out that the bed I have just put the manure on has a path running slap down the middle.

So scrape it off again. Really! If I thought these things through properly first I could save a lot of work.

Cut back the old wood on the thornless blackberry. The remaining berries were small and not worth picking.

Took out the sweetcorn stalks and tried to rake the soil into what the books call "a fine tilth". Some hope! I have a smart new rake which is very pretty, but no use at all on big lumps of clay soil, it just bounces off. So I had to get the old heavy duty one out and bash away at it. Did the job though!

The next thing to come out is the runner bean frame. There are still a few left and I've had precious little this year so I'm getting every last one.

There are a few onions showing their greens. If you look very closely you can just see them.

In among all the nasturtiums are some cucumber plants, which started well, but too late.   Its too cold for them and anyway the slugs have nibbled them.

All in all, it has been a beautiful day.  Days like these make up for all the misery earlier in the year.


  1. Looks like you're getting well organised Anne. What onions did you plant, and when? We've ordered onions and garlic from Thompson and Morgan, but they won't specify when they'll be getting delivered (any time up til early Nov) and I'm getting worried they may arrive too late for planting.

  2. Its a sad fact, but the being organised is probably only temporary. I bought my onion sets from a stall in the Grainger market, the one next the cheese shop. They sell brown, white and red. The white were too hard, the red not very hardy, so I chose the brown. I planted them in September.
    They wont be too late, mine will stop dead when it gets cold and yours will catch up.

  3. Thanks for the reassurance! Over-wintering onions were a rare early success for us this year, even in patches that had just been saved from weeds and had seen no proper fertiliser, so hoping (touch wood) for slightly better results again next year!