Friday, 26 October 2012

First snow

Went to the plot for the first time since Sunday.  That's the longest gap for a while, autumn draws on.
Very cold this morning, the thermometer in the greenhouse said 5C.  I don't think there was a frost at the allotment, but a really cold wind made it feel near 0C.
The ground is drying a bit, but still too soft to walk on.  I'm thinking I might plant my garlic cloves in modules until the soil is workable.  Surely, it is bound to dry up sometime, isn't it?
I cut down the autumn fruiting rasps.  There were still some new berries and new leaves coming on, but too late....
I stacked the cut canes under a cover to keep them a bit dry for the bonfire season due to start on 1st November when the council's garden fire ban ends.
Excavated some Charlottes from the gro-sacks.  Not many more left.
little and large

Spent a happy half-hour disentangling some more weeds from the astroturf paths.  When the feeling had disappeared from my fingers and toes, I decided it was time to go home.
A lovely evening, still light at 5.30pm, (although that will change when the clock goes back at the weekend) it has been a lovely clear cold day, which is a change from the last three damp and foggy days.
10.30pm, snowing tonight!

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