Saturday, 6 October 2012

manure map

Up sharp to the 'lottie to get the manure heap key.  I glibly paid for five barrow loads of well-rotted horse manure.  I was beginning to wish I hadn't been so gung-ho by the time I got to the last barrowful.  I had never really noticed that it is uphill to my plot and good manure is really heavy.

However, by the time the trading hut closed I was able to hand the key back in, phew! You wouldn't think it would take two hours to fill, cart and spread five barrows of muck, but what with chatting and getting opinions on apple trees.......

Muck spread on the the three new raised beds and some on the old brassica bed.

(brown bits are manured bits, green bits are green manure)

I was muck and mud up to the eyeballs after that lot! It is all very claggy stuff. There is a very special corner in our hallway reserved for my boots.

Next is to decide where to put the garlic.  I've still got lots left, so I've selected the best ones of the last batch for next year's crop.  Not so many this time.

On the theme that it is a funny old year, there is some blossom on the apple tree! It must have known I am going to replace it.  I ordered the new ones today ont 'tinternet.
I haven't decided whether to pot or not.  I think I will have a look at the ground under the old tree and see how waterlogged it is, first.

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