Tuesday, 16 October 2012

more rain

Lots of overnight rain so I had a walk down to check out the water table, and I wanted to take some photos of my new pear tree area. (See last post) I'm not sure why I do this to myself, I would probably be much happier if I didn't see it.
No surprises....
 The brassicas don't seem to mind, but I'm not sure how the leeks are coping.
 Below is the wild flowery area, seems to have turned into a water meadow.

 There is nothing to be done about it except work around the flooding.  A future plan could be to build double height raised beds, fill the bottom layer with rubble and topsoil on the top.  But that might be a plan for the next tenant as I think it is probably too much for me, both in monetary and physical terms.


  1. Seems like you get flooded out every time there's a proper rainstorm! Is that the same for a lot of the plots over at Moorside, or is yours particularly prone to flooding?

  2. Certainly has been this year, but it hasn't been as bad as this before. Lots of plots have flooded patches but I just moan about it more!