Monday, 29 October 2012

making beds

Another nice day.  Not exactly warm, but neither is it cold, just a bit damp.

Monday is washing day, but I had a minion to do it this week, and I already had the main meal sorted for this evening.  So nothing to do but go to the lottie.

I remembered to take the saw with me at last, so I cut up three long lengths of wood from behind the shed into  pegs to support the planks on the bed dividers. So that's two more beds now delineated and with astroturf paths between. Looks a bit cobbled together,(forgot to take pics as it started to rain proper, but I will get some later) but it has that authentic make-do-and-mend-allotment look about it.
(pix below as promised)

Fortuitously, it has worked out that when I've made the beds 4 ft wide and paths about 18 inches, and starting from the shed end, the brassica tunnel, the first fixed feature I've come to, has fallen on a bed not a path!  Result! I wish I could say it was good planning and measurements, but sadly, it's more down to good luck.

This plotplan is not right now, I have just counted, there are six beds north of the brassica tunnel not four as shown on plan.  Back to the drawing board....

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