Monday, 15 October 2012

pear tree tidy

Tidied the area under the plum tree, that's the bit to the left on the picture. (This is an old picture, it was much more overgrown today) So I have weeded it, added some growmore, covered it with some bits of landscape fabric and another two barrows of wood chippings.  It looks quite smart now, I'll get some pics in a bit.
I planted some perennials.  Coreopsis, Pyrethrum,(superb mixed) and Echinacea (white swan) planted in the corner beside the Rudbeckia that my friend Pat from Nunsmoor Allotments gave me. So I hope to have a flowery corner there next year, instead of a bunch of nettles.
The garden is draining nicely, but still pretty wet.
I cleaned up some more artificial grass strips but it is a tedious business.
 And the "grass" paths

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