Monday, 1 October 2012

spick and span

I had bought some landscape fabric from the trading hut on Sunday, so I set to and cut it into paths around the new raised beds.  I've put a path down the fence this time, because although it might seem like a waste of space, nothing much grows there in the shadow of the fence.  It means I don't have to walk so far around to get to the other side of the beds and so won't be tempted to walk on the soil.  That's the theory, anyway.
There's a huge pile of chippings at the gate, so I barrowed about 6 loads up the hill to finish the new beds off.

They look very smart and tidy on the outside, but still lacking some soil to go in them.  That will just have to build up over time as I get compost and such to go in them.

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