Wednesday, 31 October 2012

tucking up for winter

Finished organising the beds on the north side of the west end of the garden.  I now have 6 beds with nothing much in except some phacelia and field beans, oh and potentially the winter tares I sowed, which I'm not sure will come up. Then the brassica tunnel containing psb, cauli, and cabbage.

Then the old-fashioned raised beds area, which has kale and winter onions. East of that is unhappy looking leeks and happy looking celeriac.
And then the euphemistically named wild flower bed.

I roughly dug over one of the beds that was a path last season and is therefore badly compacted. I then added a top dressing of organic chicken manure, and covered it over with weed suppressing fabric. I'm thinking I might do the same for the next bed south as it is in a similar state.

 I will be interested to see what it the soil is like come the spring, and whether it might be worth doing this with the whole plot in future winters.

Sawed up the little apple tree and took off some spare branches from the others.  They are probably going to come out next year anyway, unless they shape up and produce some decent fruit.
This is the apple crop of 2012. (And a few potatoes for the dinner.)  Not that I'm blaming the trees for the scarcity of apples, it was the rotten spring that did that, but the apples haven't been great for the last two years.  There were plenty, but just not very nice tasting.

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