Saturday, 10 November 2012

bean trench started

Had to go back to the plot today to water the new trees, (I woke up in the middle of the night, remembering that I hadn't watered them in, oops!) They looked okay, but how can you tell with bare overgrown twigs?

While I was on with apple trees, (I've got five trees now, almost an orchard!) I scraped back the chippings from around the bases of the old apple trees, chucked on some growmore, raked and weeded it a bit and put the chippings back.
Just thought...perhaps I should do the pear tree too.

Made a start on the bean trench by roughly digging over one of the beds, making a trench, lining it with some of the cardboard. (It might have been easier with newspaper, but the tidy person in the household had put all the papers out in the recycling last week, hmph!) I put in raw kitchen waste, phacelia, bean and nasturtiums stalks, any old organic matter which wouldn't re-grow.
I haven't closed the trench yet as the cardboard is very rigid and will probably stick out of the soil, it might be softer after a night on the soil.


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