Wednesday, 14 November 2012

hedge clipping

Its another lovely gardening day.  I don't think it has rained for almost a week!

Went to the plot to plant some daffodil bulbs, but got distracted by the perfect bonfire day.

So instead I clipped the spirea hedge down by about a third and burnt the clippings as I went.
Which was good because I love pruning things down but get fed up with disposing of the big pile of clippings which is the end result.
So three good things all rolled up together:  pruning, bonfire, no pile of clippings to be disposed of. The downside was a blister on my palm.

Now the hedge is cut back I must have an extra 16 sq ft of garden, but the spirea is so invasive, I know it is only temporary, so I think I will leave it for the wildlife.

Acquired some more planks from my nextgate neighbour so I will be able to continue the bed and path system further down the plot.

I think I will leave the "wild flower bed" alone and plant some of the daffs there.  That's the first bit of the plot to disappear under the water table when it rises. But if it doesn't rise we might see some pretty flowers.  At the moment there are daisies coming up, which is surprising and nice. Once the soil was dry enough to step on, I weeded out the dock and sow thistle, buttercups and dandelion to let the other more unusual plants have a chance. There is some milkwort (I think), marigold, love-in-a-mist, nipplewort, forget-me-not and hopefully lots of other things I know not of. I'll be interested to see what survives the winter. There is usually a big show of speedwell, which I have always previously weeded out .

I have given up on the sweet potatoes.  Three bags of compost and no roots bigger than my finger.  So I don't think I will bother with that again, it is just not warm enough.

I used the compost to fill pots for the various bulbs I bought a couple of weeks back.  Some bulbs have gone in the front garden, some I have put into pots so I can move them to places that need brightening up.  A couple of pots are for inside, hopefully for Christmas, and the rest are going in the allotment to cheer me up.
The rest of the compost went to fill the raised beds.

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