Sunday, 11 November 2012

leaf mould

Lots of leaves in the front garden, so I spent 10 minutes filling 4 bags to make leaf compost. Very cold, it felt a lot colder than the 4C it said on my thermometer. Apparently beech leaves are the best, but I've only got sycamore, so they will have to do.
I will take the full bags to the allotment to rot down, as they always end up as unidentified, slimy, unsavoury, plastic-bagged lumps at home.  And they always end up in the rubbish bin.

Took a bag down to the plot when I went out for the Sunday paper.  Bought some more firelighters while I was there (at the paper shop, not the plot).  I think I use more firelighters than wood.

For the first time, really, I managed to get a proper fire going today, clouds of acrid smoke everywhere and, wouldn't you know it, I had nothing left to burn!

Covered over the bean trench.  (I must make a note to check next year's harvest of runners to see if it is worth the effort of making a trench.)The wet night had softened the cardboard somewhat, but it still showed through.  I'm hoping it will subside over time.

For some reason, I decided to fork over the next bed down (I think I'm going to have to give them names or numbers for the purposes of this diary, although now I think of it, that's what the plotplan is for) and was interested to see a whole load of sprouting seeds just under the soil surface.  That's when I remembered, too late,  the vetch and winter tares I sowed about a month ago. I really didn't think they would have germinated this late in the year.

Used my onion hoe to go around the winter onions.  The hoe is good in that it is very sharp and cuts the weed seedlings off at root level, and because it has a short handle, you have to get right down and have a chance for a really good look at the onions.  I noticed some had been moved, presumably by birds, and a lot had been chewed, presumably by slugs.  And some had been planted upside down, presumably by me!

I also had a good look at the leeks and they look very sad.  They really suffered with all that water,  they don't seem to have grown at all over the last few weeks. And they don't grow much once it gets really cold, so that is probably it for the year.
This is just a picture of my plot on a sunny autumn morning.

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