Friday, 9 November 2012

New apple trees planted

Planted the apple trees, a Kidd's orange red (a dessert apple)and a Howgate Wonder (a cooker), both M26 cordons, which means they will grow one stem, no side branches.  They stay quite small, especially if they are pruned correctly, and don't take up much space.  According to the labels they can be planted as close as 0.5m.
I was going to put them in pots, but I discovered at the last minute that I didn't have enough of the right sort of compost to fill the big pots I had for them. I guessed a wheelbarrow full would have been enough, wrong!
They had to be planted as soon as possible, so I dug two holes, square ones because that apparently discourages the tendency of the roots to go round the hole (why this is a bad thing, I'm not altogether sure).  I sprinkled some Rootgrow on the roots and used the compost I had, a mix of mp and garden compost, to three-quarter fill the holes and then topped them up with garden soil mixed with dried chicken manure.
(I have since remembered that I have another bag of compost at the back of the shed, which I could've used. Doh!)
The hardest task was figuring out how the tree tie worked! But I was right about the stake and the pot, it just wasn't going to stay firmly upright especially if it is planted in loose compost rather than compact soil.


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