Thursday, 8 November 2012

planting shallots

My new apple trees came today!  Yey! I love getting things in the post! (And with them came a free huge piece of cardboard, which will do nicely for the bean trench I'm going to start when I get the time and weather. The cardboard is about 10 feet long so will do the whole bed in one go.) I haven't got the pots ready for the trees so I dunked them in a bucket of water and went to the plot to survey the plant pot scene, now I know what size roots I'm dealing with.
The instructions say that they need a stake 1.8m above the ground, but I don't think that will work very well with a pot because there won't be enough soil to anchor the stake firmly. So I might have to put them in the ground eventually as they get bigger and need a longer support. But I might just be worrying unnecessarily, I sometimes tend to over-think things (other times I don't think at all).

Planted the red onion sets and the "red sun" shallot sets. So now yesterday's plotplan is up to date.
Prepared the bed as follows:  Dug over, forked over, raked over, tried to get as level as possible, growmore added (no onion fertilizer left), raked again until it was as fine as I could get the damp, clay soil.
Shallots: made shallow drills, made biggish holes at 6-8 inch intervals in them with the fat dibber (sharpened broom handle), filled the hole with a mix of mp and garden compost, sat the set ontop. Then pushed the sides of the drill together, covering the shallot sets. 20 sets
Red onions: Similar to shallots, but because they were very small, didn't make holes, just filled the drills with compost, sat the sets in the compost about 6 inches apart, then covered the drill over, same as shallots. 50 sets

Cut the phacelia, the peas and the field beans down and I will put them in my bean trench.

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