Wednesday, 7 November 2012

rubbish burner

I acquired an unused incinerator from the next-door neighbour, one of those old-fashioned galvanised iron dustbins with a chimney in the lid...
like that above, but not so rusty. So I lugged it down to the plot and had a little burn up, now that the bonfire ban is ended.  It was much more successful than my previous attempts at a bonfire.  It crackled away for about an hour while I got on with preparing one of the the beds to receive the red onion and shallot sets.
The soil is still pretty damp and quite lumpy, no way would I call it friable, but it will probably have to do.  I got the soil ready but didn't have time to plant the sets before it got too dark (4 o'clock!).
I get a bit spooked out by the allotments in the dark, so I don't like to stay too late.  I'll probably have time to get them in either tomorrow or Friday.

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