Friday, 2 November 2012

shallots, onions and other bulbs

Wilko's are doing 3 for 2 on bulbs, and shallots and onions are included!  So I got some red sun shallots, which were the first and most successful variety I ever grew and some red onions, which I will try yet again to grow successfully. Also got some daffs and dwarf irises and tulips for the front garden.
MGG had been there the day before and he bought the shop up. They were making space for Christmas stuff, and selling garden gear at 99% discount! None left by the time I got there.


  1. Good old Wilkos! Not having a car, it's a bit of a boon to be able to pick up canes, compost and the like on the way home from work. Might have a look in tomorrow, unless you really did leave nothing at all in there!

  2. plenty bulbs left but not much else!