Saturday, 17 November 2012

tidy-up time

When I found myself standing outside the shed trying to reach something inside, I realised that it was Time to Tidy.
It was the rolls of plastic netting and the tunnel cloches that were causing trouble.
I wrestled them into submission, found an old recycling box which exactly fitted the cloches and left them with no room to escape.  The net rolls are tied up and confined to the back of the shed - outside.  That'll teach them!
Netting, weed fabric and fleeces, folded and sorted into boxes or bags.
I even swept the floor, well, bits of it. My ph tester didn't turn up though.

Weeded the raspberry bed of perennial weeds and sprinkled on some blood, fish and bone.  I will put some of the ashes from the bonfire on the bed in the spring to give them boost before fruiting.

Dug out the last of the potatoes from the last grow sack.  Enough for the dinner tomorrow. We'll have them with the fattest of the leeks.  I'm giving up on the rest, too thin with the flower stalks occupying most of the girth.

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