Wednesday, 26 December 2012

planting out the garlic

Boxing Day, I'm at a loose end, stuck in the house by the weather, cooking and cleaning over for the moment.  Leftover Christmas dinner tonight, so nothing much to prepare, I can't go out for a run as my hip joints are complaining and I'm trying to rest them for a while.

So as it wasn't actually raining, I had a walk to the plot.  There is nothing much to do because there is so much water and its too cold to start anything yet, so I decided to do some woodchip runs.  There is a great big muddy patch on the path outside my plot so I put a couple of barrow loads on that, it makes it less slippery if nothing else. Topped up some of the paths around the raised beds where the wood chippings had been washed away.

It has been dryish for the past couple of days, still raining occasionally but just drizzle, so the plot is draining a bit.


I forked over one of the raised beds (archive pic above), just to see what it was like compared to the rest of the plot, and it is not bad at all.  All the nasturtiums in the picture are dead now and I've been dumping spent compost on it.  It was dry enough to start planting out the garlic that I put in pots in November.

 I didn't get finished though as it was getting dark, so I will go back tomorrow, weather permitting. All the garlic I have taken out so far have had very little top growth, but have nice healthy roots growing out the bottom of the pots.

Even though there is no particular reason to go the plot, I always seem to find something to do, providing its not tossing it down or freezing, that is.

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