Monday, 7 January 2013

Another raised bed border

Hauled 2 more scaffolding planks up the hill to the plot.  As I may have remarked previously,  blimmin' heavy!
I made another raised bed and it fits nicely beside the other.  They are not properly bedded in and levelled yet as the ground is still quite muddy underfoot.  I will wait until the ground is a bit firmer, but not too firm as to make it hard work levelling the wood frame.

Shifted some of the winter onions to a different bed as they were making the place look untidy.  I don't know whether they will survive but I kept as much of a root ball as I could. Time will tell.

It is a week since I spread the mushroom spawn but nothing obvious happening yet, they've gone a bit fuzzy, but no threads yet.
Reading further through the growing instructions, I discover that the spawn needs to be "cased"  i.e. covered with a layer of clean, pest and weed free garden soil, "best obtained from 1ft down" !!! I think if I dug that far down anywhere in plot or garden at the moment, I would strike mud! The other option is covering it with a mixture of peat and chalk, neither of which I have.  But I do have some home-made compost which I could sterilise in the microwave and some garden lime, so I'm going to go with that.  Growing mushrooms, how hard can it be?

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